This light of mine
Gochi wants to shine his light on the world (EP review).

Nigerian hip-hop enthusiasts will be familiar with Gochi, the genius. He appeared on the 2018 edition of Hennessy VS class.

He is also the brain behind Hip-Hop and Rap Revolutionaries in Nigeria (HRRIN), a community of passionate creatives with a love for Nigerian hip-hop.

His countless covers, appearances on cyphers, and passion for hip-hop have made him a popular figure in Nigerian hip-hop’s underground scene.

He debuted in 2019 with the record Kosere and has become known for his sparse releases. This EP has been teased for the longest; this writer remembers him announcing the EP on his TBDK cover in 2021.

This light of mine” is an interesting project, both sonically and topically. The project explores afrobeats, trap, drill, and boom bap.

On the project, Gochi showcases the different sides of his artistry and personality.

On some records, he is a confident, battle-hardened rapper who believes in his ability and is ready to kick ass anytime of the day. He raps on the record Feel Am, “No nigga alive is iller than I.”.

On others, he shows some vulnerability, giving out love and asking to be loved.

On the opening track, TLOM, he comes out guns blazing, combining hard bars with braggadocio and personality. “I was busy serving time for the rappers I killed,” he raps.

He is self-assured on the record, and it can be felt in the smooth delivery and brazen lyrics.

“Strike your skull with my fist and grab your broad in the clitoris or slash your gut. I’m a freak at this can of worms, which are like vitamins,” he raps.

The record is a perfect introduction to Gochi for new listeners. A rapper with a lot of experience on the battle field. One who has fought valiantly against many rappers who are equally talented and came out victorious.

Across the seven tracks, he displays a blend of rap and pop melodies that Nigerian rappers tend to employ in a bid to achieve mainstream success.

This writer has earlier stated that Gochi is quite popular in Nigerian hip-hop circles. With this project, he is hoping to connect with new listeners. Hence, the album contains some pop-leaning cuts carried by remarkable hooks.

One of such records is Stamina, which features Kyoo Manen. It’s a sensual record filled with a lot of sexual innuendos. Gochi raps about his love interest and details his intentions to “collapse her walls like Jericho.”.

The duo then go on to solidify their chemistry on the Dancehall record Lose you.

Gochi explains to his love interest why she can’t leave the relationship. He raps, “I know you want to leave, but me, I no go.”.

He highlights her conversation skills and, of course, her bodily features as one of the reasons he still wants her in his life.

Kyoo Manen gives a good account of himself on both records, delivering remarkable hooks that form the highlights of both records.

Bar the Kyoo Manen records, the quality of hooks on this EP leaves a lot to be desired. Great pop records are built on memorable hooks and infectious melodies.

The hook on Show Me Love lacks both. It’s mumbled, hurried, and lacks clarity. Fozter YP keeps his head above the water as Paybac Iboro and Gochi fail to deliver compelling verses.

GYML is a drill record where Gochi wears his heart on his sleeve, promising to love his woman unconditionally. “Feel Am” is a forgettable record.

Jo (bala bala) is an Afrobeat record delivered largely in pidgin and Yoruba, laced with lush horns and street lamba.

Final thoughts

A lot of rappers can rap, but most can’t make music. On this project, Gochi shows he can do both. The seven tracks showcase his versatility and range, both sonically and thematically.

When he isn’t bragging about his limitless abilities (TLOM), he is asking to be loved (show me love).

When he isn’t a bad boy, promising his love interest a memorable sexual experience, he is a vulnerable man who cannot let his woman go.

He showcases different sides of his artistry and personality, and that’s impressive. It helps the new listener connect to him.

Overall, it’s an impressive debut. The producer, Only One Werey is the star of the show as well as Kyoo Manen who delivers the most memorable moment of the project.

Stamina has the potential to become a radio hit.

The creative direction of this project is trash. The cover art seems like a random picture with the parental advisory logo slapped on it.

It’s bland, uninspiring, and lacks direction. It’s an eyesore. For that project that was created to win new fans, the creative direction seems like it was created to do the opposite.

In the end, Gochi wants to shine his light on the world. He proves on this project that there’s more to his ability, and that’s a win.


Rating: /10


• 0-1.9: Trash


• 2.0-3.9: Flop


• 4.0–5.9: Average


• 6.0–7.9: Decent


• 8.0-10: Champion


Ratings /10.


Album Sequencing: 1.3/2


Songwriting and Topics: 1.4/2


Production: 1.5/2


Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.4/2


Execution: 1.3/2


Total: 6.9- Decent

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