In the past two to three years, Hip Hop in Nigeria has been more intense in resurgence, with several cognitive steps by ‘die hard Hip Hop enthusiasts’ towards actualising this dream of returning Hip Hop to her Glory days and even making it greater.

These enthusiasts range from Business players/investors in the industry, Execs, Media Personalities/Media Homes, Artistes(Rappers), Producers, Sound Engineers, A&R’s, Managers, Bloggers, and a host of others.

These Professionals with serious love for Hip Hop have been constantly making these efforts with so much passion for this course.

In all, we can say that these actions have been paying up slowly but surely, leading and culminating to that ‘point of Glory’.

However, while we must commend and give undiluted encomiums to every of these professionals and practitioners whom are doing and have done a lot for the culture with their respective efforts, ‘special praises’ must be reserved for the Rappers who have kept the ‘fire on the field’ burning.

These practitioners of the Art of Hip Hop have been relentless AGAINST ALL ODDS over the past years. They have been even more intense when it seemed like The Hip Hop Era in Nigeria was gone.

Even when judgment and premature conclusions borne out of erroneous perceptions were passed on the Hip Hop genre by industry stalwarts; some classifying the genre as *’dead’* … *’can never be resuscitated’* – *’Rap no fit sell for this country again’* … *’Rappers would go hungry’* … and a lot of other premature utterances and conclusions, these rappers still have kept the fire burning!!

While undoubtedly as it is natural, the love of some (for the art) has waxed cold,

Most Rappers NEVER relented!

They have continued to:-

– Steady release content : Singles and Projects – Mixtapes, E.P’s, Albums, Videos, etc.

– Shoot very clean videos and also churn out unlimited viral videos that depict the culture in its real & raw form with scarce resources and inadequate investments/ financial backings.

– Quality freestyles have flown up and down at will on the Instagram/social media spaces. YouTube, SoundCloud and more recently Audiomack, have been e-hubs for budding unrelenting Rappers.

Even Hip Hop concerts have been out there ‘seeking attention’ vying for audience with other mainstream non Hip Hop events as well.

Frankly, not up to a handful of rappers have been able to get mainstream prominence, with just a few getting deals with major labels, (some switching up in the process), a very vast majority of these rappers have not been in the mainstream light.

A couple have had *’Hip Hop industry’* tractions as indies, but still an uncountable greatly talented numbers are still way under the radar.

This has necessitated a lot of more proactive measures from the URBAN RICH MEDIA group who are the parent company for the ‘KulturePro’ brand.

The Rap Kulture brand has been responsible for :

– The *Freestyle Fury* where Vector did an over 2 hour freestyle on radio, that also had the emergence of Blaqbonez and Jessay.

– Rap Kulture Radio Show with cypher segments on Rhythm 93.7fm where virtually every top tier and buzzing Rapper in Nigeria has been on. (Including many visiting International ones).

– Rap Kulture concert&events.

– Unlimited radio rotation for talented Rappers

– consultancy services

– Brokering of top collaborations between underground and already blown rappers,

– Audio and Video distribution deals and packages for very talented rappers,

– And a host of other Hip Hop Kulture propagating moves ; most recently, the *Rap Kulture Cypher audio and video* which featured 6 hot mcees and next rated artistes in the country, with it being distributed both locally and internationally through our numerous partners.

Moving on, taking all of these into cognizance, as a way to help the Kulture progress further, while *serving Hip Hop fans in Nigeria quality undiluted Hip Hop Music* and also ensuring that ‘every talented and grinding rapper’ in Nigeria goes not unnoticed, the *Rap Kulture* brand through its umbrella *Urban Rich Media* have, out of a rigorous and carefully planned and strategised process, floated this Kulturepro.com platform to harness and take the MAJOR step of securing Hip Hop for this generation, the next and the future ones to come.

It is extremely pertinent that the efforts of these past years by these practitioners do no go wasted!

This is why Kulturepro.com has provided this platform of a one stop shop for EVERYTHING HIP HOP in Nigeria.

Ranging from :

– Hip Hop News

– Rap Singles,

– Mixtapes,

– E.P’s,

– Albums, etc.

We have columns and segments for these to satisfy Hip Hop fans.

Our special columns will have entries on even freestyles from Instagram of very dope rappers and also from Audiomack, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.

We would also have Zonal and National Hip Hop Music charts that reflect the demand via the site and radio airplays the songs are getting.

*The idea as mentioned above is to harness the talents of ‘every talented and grinding rapper’ in Nigeria.* Making sure that they go not unnoticed and thereby providing opportunities for them to secure a fan base, get promotions , secure deals and make sales of their intellectual properties with due revenues their way!

However, we do not stop there.

We would through this digital community and platform offer:

– A&R and consultancy services with columns/emails to submit your records and get professional Help.

– Radio and video promotional services & distribution deals through the ties with our numerous top tier media partners all around the nation and internationally.

– Audio and video production deals and services for talented budding Rappers.

All of these for the sake of the Propagating the gospel of Hip Hop.

We believe and have identified hundreds of thousands of Hip Hop fans who thirst for genuine Hip Hop content and we are convinced that from this year of the double digit – 2020, and the years that follow it, the glory of the Hip Hop light is assured to hit its apex in Nigeria after a long era of marginalisation.

Kudos to everybody who has contributed to the Hip Hop Kulture in Nigeria, the time to take it to the next level is Now!!!

‘Business Collaborators’ are welcome.

Unity and partnership can take us there!!

Shouts to the Kulture Pro team!

Thank you Hip Hop fans and audience for checking us out. We cannot do this without you!

Its gonna be a litty 💥💥and Pervasive ride!


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