David Snow
“Forever or Never begins” is loaded with energetic and exciting moments that make for a memorable listen.


When Odumodublvck broke into the mainstream in 2023, he came in as a breath of fresh air.

Nigerian hip-hop needed someone who could excite and add some much-needed complexity to the scene.

His larger-than-life personality and insistence on speaking his truth without fear of backlash and criticism were a breath of fresh air.

In less than a year, Odumodublvck has become a figurehead and one of the most important voices in Nigerian hip-hop.

His style has been adopted by a lot of emerging rappers.

His persistent energy and self-assurance are becoming commonplace in Nigerian hip-hop, injecting some much-needed excitement and energy into the scene.

David Snow’s grim energy and assertive personality share some similarities with Odumodublvck.

David Snow’s music is marked by infectious and dogged energy.

He combines hard bars with emphatic delivery as he relates his experience growing up on the streets of Adeniyi Jones in Lagos State, Nigeria.

On the opening track, he takes his listener on a journey back in time.

He opens the album by rapping, “In the beginning, I let them know/say I go buy AMG, I let them know.”.

On record, he lashes out at detractors and naysayers who don’t believe in his dream.

Making it to the lower echelons of society is a very difficult task.

Especially when the people around you, unfortunately, cannot see beyond their current reality.

BNXN spoke about this in his Afrobeats intelligence interview with Joey Akan.

He spoke about not being able to dream growing up in Mowe.

David Snow has had similar experiences.

While he is dreaming about a luxury-loaded life driving the best cars, those around him sadly cannot see what he is seeing.

He also fires shots at his father for being absent during his childhood.

My papa fuck my mama, turn me into a bastard/Maybe na because the werey day fear to buy me custard,” he raps.

The record captures his self-belief as well as his willingness to go to war with anyone who stands in his way.

David Snow is a rapper whose influence is deep-rooted in 80s and 90s gangster rap.

Across the four tracks, he displays his compelling lyricism and swaggering delivery.

He talks tough, as all rappers do, but delivers with authenticity and personality. He believes what he is saying, and he needs you to believe it.

It’s why, after rapping “Aqua alabo, I go rattle/Industry defenders and their cackus” on the record “Forever or Never,”  he has been on a weekend-long attack on AnRs, whom he believes have no idea of the intricacies of the profession.

His style explores different subgenres of hip-hop, such as boom bap and trap. He delivers in Pidgin English and his native Kalabari language.

His lyrics are loaded with street slang, lamba, and depictions of unbelievable acts of violence.

He is capable of painting gory pictures with his lyrics. He shows this side of his artistry on the record Forever or Never.

He raps, “Fucking with my money can lead to one of my Niggas harvesting your umbilical cords.” 

On the record, he paints scary pictures detailing what would happen to any ‘Jonzing nigga’, that moves funny with him.

He represents where he’s from in the Trap record “Mainland Nigga.”

He documents his journey from the ghetto to riding in a convoy. He also goes after his opponents, as is synonymous with him.

More money, more problems” is the weakest song on the album.

It’s a trap song where he details his desire for the problems that come with being wealthy and successful.

He attempts to showcase his singing ability. While he seems to have a decent singing voice, the record lacks the conviction that was abundant in the previous three records.

At four tracks, Forever or Never begins is a concise introduction to David Snow. He showcases his talent and personality on this EP.

He is hungry for success, and the hunger is evident in his delivery. He is an interesting prospect, and one can only hope for the best.

New listeners will be quick to highlight the stark similarities to Odumodublvck, both sonically and branding-wise.

That can do some damage to his brand because nobody wants to listen to somebody else’s clone.

On his next project, it would be wise for him to showcase some more levels of lyrical depth.

On Forever or Never begins, he spends too much time telling us what he’s going to do to his opposition.

You grew up on the streets; tell us more stories.

It is also important for him to add more Nigerian elements to his music. Rapping in Kalabari and Pidgin is a step in the right direction.

However, the instrumentation needs some more Nigerian elements. Especially if he wants to impact the mainstream.

In the beginning, it can become a proper rage anthem if utilised properly. It’s by far the best song on this project. It captures the essence of David Snow’s artistry in its entirety.

Forever or Never begins

Rating: /10


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Songwriting and Topics: 1.4/2


Production: 1.3/2



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Execution: 1.4/2


Total: 7.1- Decent

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