“Climbing up the ladder of success, taking the steps one at a time.
Two lions vs 100 sheep’s omo! I love those hides”

Guess who is tweaking the setup? The system is malfunctioning, did they crack the code? The kings of Omo Boy Raps are back, this time waging the fifth clone war “Algorythms.” Life is a journey you know, sometimes a satirical one. The art in music is what I fell in love with. It’s a relief to see a picture painted with passion, skills, aims, and confidence.  Show them camp showed the world what they needed to know. “Speaking for my generation, the revolution is backed by resilience, either televised or not.”
Wale and Olu are the front liners of the clone war, wielding heavy artillery, balancing bars under pressure, teaching life lessons, and bringing rhythm to life In a journey when the listeners travels with them. The “Algorythm” is a special project, one of the best we have gotten this year. A must-listen for every music lover on the planet. It tells the struggles of the youth, most especially the difficulty of being heard (freedom of opinion) in a country where the youth are not included in governance and freedom of speech can put you behind bars.

What’s your favorite track from the project? If you have not listened to it, check it out here and get back to us on Twitter @kulturepro.



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