PsychoYP and Jeriq are Nigerian hip-hop's evil twins.

PsychoYP and Jeriq’s synergy has never been in doubt. Their previous collaborations (My country people, haffa and Trapping) were great records that showed that both rappers had some level of chemistry regardless of their different styles.

PsychoYP employs western-influenced cadences and techniques, while Jeriq employs a gritty vocal delivery and brazen cadences rooted in indigenous Igbo culture.

However, both artists have been able to find a sweet spot and get the best of each other when they are on record today. Their surprise joint project ‘Evil Twin’ is no different.

Across five tracks, PsychoYP and Jeriq opt for hardcore grimy drill beats, choosing to discuss topics that revolve around chasing money, high fashion and violating their opps.

On the Insane chips produced ‘Disintegrate‘, Jeriq opens his verse with ‘First flight to overseas, I’m tracking this milli’. PsychoYP repeats these sentiments. ‘They can tell that the boy has been hustling’.

In his usual PsychoYP manner, he doesn’t hesitate to fire warnings at his opponents. He raps, ‘And if they talk too much, I’m troubling. Big 45, be all in your face’.

On ‘No stylist‘, they sample Wizkid’sAzonto‘ as they remind everyone who cares to listen that they don’t need ‘No stylist‘.

They name-drop exotic fashion brands and trade brags and bars. Jeriq displays some interesting wordplay on this record. ‘2pac, all eyes on me, my Killy is notoriously biggy’ and ‘I’m rocking daily paper ’cause I’m getting paper daily’ are two very interesting lines to me.

PsychoYP and Jeriq then throw it back on the moment they made their ‘First Milli‘. On the Major Bangz-produced Afropop cut, YP talks us through the period before he made his first million.

He raps on the hook, ‘I bin no get 10 kobo, no lele, no pain, and no sorrow. Go hard; they talk, say I no follow, and my lady thinks, say I don kolo’.

Jeriq also has some stories to share. He raps, ‘I’ve done many evils for the paper-certified go getter in the ghetto; they know me well.’.

Breaking news features Nigerian rap legend Phyno, who is also the executive producer of this EP. He delivers a solid hook while Jeriq follows through with a verse to match.

However, PsychoYP delivers a monster verse that steals the show. He employs signature electric flows and tenacious delivery that catapult the enjoyability of his verse to ridiculously high levels.

The project closes with a bang with ‘Evil Twin’. Jeriq’s delivers his best performance on this project on this record.

The beat is strong, the flow is catchy, and the lyrics hit the beat with ridiculous precision. It’s a perfect hip-hop record.

On the negative side, Jeriq’s flow scheme has become quite familiar. He is in danger of being tagged as a one-dimensional artist.

On his future projects, he needs to expand his flow scheme. He didn’t really impose himself on this project and truly came alive on the final track, which is a shame.

In the end, this project is an important one. Nigerian hip-hop is in a very good place, and for the culture to continue thriving, we need more projects like these.

A five-track EP from Jeriq and Blaqbonez before the end of 2024 is not a bad idea at all.

Strategically, this project makes a lot of sense. YP can tap into Jeriq’s massive fan base in the South East, while Jeriq can become even more popular within PsychoYP’s loyal community in Abuja.

Either way, both artists win, and hip-hop wins. Which is really what we want to see: Nigerian hip-hop culture and its players winning.


Rating: /10

• 0-1.9: Trash

• 2.0-3.9: Flop

• 4.0–5.9: Average

• 6.0–7.9: Decent

• 8.0-10: Champion

RapKulture Ratings /10.

Album Sequencing: 1.4/2

Songwriting and Topics: 1.5/2

Production: 1.7/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

Execution: 1.6/2

Total: 7.7 Champion

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