Tryna pop with the street business? When you get popped, it becomes a strict business.

Headies Nominee “Paybac Iboro” links up with 3rty to shoot a lyrical movie on the life of Ramon Abass aka “Hushpuppi.”
Like drug dealers, Hushpuppi is the pride of the Ghetto (forget about the FBI right now). Undeniably he is the Escobar of the fraud game, the one every ghetto kid wants to be.
Started from a Humble background, Ramon Abass journeyed through the entertainment industry before dropping out for the greener pasture. Ironically, He was caught in a desert (if you understand what I mean).
Paybac Iboro reflects on the Notoriety and fall of Hushpuppi in his new song, check it out and tell us what you think about it.

Get it here


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